Dr. Todd Bredbenner

Assistant Professor
Musculoskeletal biomechanics, fragility fracture
Email: tbredben@uccs.edu

Dr. Michael Calvisi

Associate Professor
Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, multi-phase flows, and bio-fluid mechanics
Email: mcalvisi@uccs.edu
Research website

Dr. Peter Gorder

Associate Professor and Chair
Dynamic systems and control, aerospace vehicle dynamics, engineering design
Email: pgorder@uccs.edu

Dr. Michael Larson

Associate Professor
Solid mechanics and design
Email: mlarson@uccs.edu

Dr. Leal K. Lauderbaugh

Associate Professor
Systems biology, dynamics, and control of mechanical systems
Email: lauderb@uccs.edu
Research website

Dr. Jena McCollum

Assistant Professor
Additive manufacturing, polymers and energetic materials
Email: jmccollu@uccs.edu

Dr. Brandon Runnels

Assistant Professor
Mechanics of materials, micromechanics, multiscale modeling, high performance computing
Email: brunnels@uccs.edu
Website: solids.uccs.edu

Dr. David Schmidt

Professor Emeritus
Aerospace vehicle dynamics, guidance, and control
Email: dschmidt@uccs.edu
Website: mae.uccs.edu/people/david-schmidt.php

Dr. James Stevens

Heat transfer, applied thermodynamics
Email: jstevens@uccs.edu
Website: www.uccs.edu/~jstevens/

Dr. Steven Tragesser

Associate Professor
Spacecraft systems and control, biomechanics
Email: stragess@uccs.edu
Website: https://academics.uccs.edu/~stragess/

Dr. Hui Wan

Assistant Professor
Aerodynamics, CFD, Heat Transfer, Cooling Tech., Multiphase Flow, Fluid-Body Interactions
Email: hwan@uccs.edu

Dr. Xin (Cindy) Wang

Assistant Professor
Solid mechanics, computational modeling of materials, ab initio methods
Email: xwang3@uccs.edu
Website: materials.uccs.edu

Dr. John Adams

Senior Instructor
Mathematical modeling, plasma physics
Email: jadams3@uccs.edu

Dr. Julie Albertson

Senior Instructor
Experimental aerodynamics, engineering education, technical communication and sustainable energy
Email: jalberts@uccs.edu

Dr. Thomas Amundson

Computational fluid dynamics, radiative heat transfer, and engineering education
Email: tamundso@uccs.edu

Dr. Lynnane George

Space Systems, STEM Education, Robotics
Email: lgeorge2@uccs.edu

Dr. Benjamin Wilcox

Fluid mechanics, wind turbine performance, boundary layer stability
Email: bwilcox2@uccs.edu


Stephanie Vigil

Program Assistant I

Email: mae@uccs.edu

Tucker Walsh

Laboratory Technician

Email: twalsh@uccs.edu


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
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